Monday, 23 May 2016

Goodbye, 'Freelance Market News'

Many of my fellow writers will be sad to learn that Freelance Market News is to cease publication. Over the years, this newsletter has served me well, giving me lots of leads for markets and offering a free-to-enter competition each month that I have been lucky enough to win several times. Actually, I won its last competition with a 200-word FF called, appropriately, 'The Last Race'. I've also had a few how-to articles published in FMN and recently took advantage of its appraisal service.

My remaining subscription is being transferred to the Association of Freelance Writers, part of The Writers Bureau, but I shall miss the monthly FMN.

Friday, 20 May 2016

This week's 'Celebrate the small things'

Today I'm celebrating the support of everyone who has a downloaded my short story 'Scoring an Own Goal in Tennis' from Amazon's Kindle. Thank you; your support is much appreciated.

I'm also celebrating a very busy week, during which I've written and edited  lots and lots of words. It's a funny old game, this writing business. Sometimes the words flow really easily and I can churn out an article or story without too much wringing of hands. Other times, I struggle to write a picture caption.

I'll tell you what else can be challenging: people's response when I tell them what I do. They say:
'Have you written anything I might have read?' I don't know: what have you read?
'Do you write fiction or just non-fiction?' Both, but what makes you think facts are easier?
'Will you take a look at my book?' Well, that depends how long it is and why you want me to look.
And my particular favourite:
'Oh yes, I'm going to write, when I have the time.' So you think it's that easy, and it's something that can be slotted in between other, more important tasks? By all means, have a go.

Enjoy the weekend, folks.

Celebrate the Small Things  is a blog hop. Visit Lexa's Blog for the rules, and then post every Friday about something you're grateful  for that week. Originated by VikLit) and co-hosted by L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge and Tonja Drecker @ Kidbits Blog.   


Thursday, 12 May 2016

Happy Limerick Day!

Have these on me, written for various competitions:


 Fame is a double-edged sword          
As stars find as they venture abroad.
For a wink and a nod
Shows a wannabe god
As a grasping and talentless fraud.

Sweet Seduction

With Galaxy, Mars and Starburst
We humans were gently coerced.
They came down from above
To make alien love
But fed us with Milky Way first.

Picture Perfect

Whatever you put in your case
When travelling from place to place,
Pack your camera, take stills
As you tramps o’er the hills;
Of your presence, please, don’t leave a trace.

A book that is pure electronic
Though some people find it a tonic, 
Is no match for paper.
Curse this e-printing caper!
It really is purely demonic!

Words’ Worth

Literature’s hard to define,
But it must have some class in each line.
So while Amis and Austen
Write books to get lost in,
There’s plenty I’ll have to decline.

Spoilt for Choice
The question is not what is worst,
But which deadly sin to try first. 
It's so hard to decide
Between Lust Greed and Pride
When in Sloth I'm already well versed.