Friday, 6 April 2012

Priory Ash Publishing

I know there are lots of good companies out there who will help you to self-publish a book (as well as quite a few rogues who prey on your vanity, of course). But I have personal and professional contacts with one that I shall now plug shamelessly.

As it says on the company website, 'Priory Ash provides a one-stop book production service exploiting the best of today’s digital or conventional press technology. Whether your project is a slim premium paperback or a full-blown large-format glossy illustrated hardback, whether it’s 30 pages or 300, whether you want 50 or 50,000 copies, let us quote you for the entire job.'

I first met Will, the editorial brains of the operation, when I got the job as his secretary many moons ago. It was he who trained me to be a book editor, who introduced me to the strange world of puzzle compiling and who continues to be my sounding board now that we are both self-employed wordsmiths.

He's also a railway enthusiast - but nobody's perfect.

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