Friday, 24 February 2017

Celebrate the small things, 24 February

Right, let's take a look back over February and see what's been achieved on the work front. Hm, nothing in particular to celebrate, except that's another month successfully survived as a freelance. There isn't anything that would tempt me back into a 'proper' job - not even the prospect of paid holidays. I'm happy to trade the occasional meagre month for all the freedom.

I've entered three writing competitions this month; and submitted a letter to a magazine, which has been accepted for publication, and the same magazine has expressed an interest in an idea for a feature; but on the down side I've had a womag rejection. Hey ho.

I'm celebrating the success of a friend's operation. She had something done under local anaesthetic and texted me shortly afterwards to say all was well and that she'd used her yoga breathing to keep herself calm - so calm, in fact, that she fell asleep!

This evening I'm off to an evening of love poetry with the Fellowship of Professional and Amateur Artists, with John Clare tucked under my arm.

Have a good weekend, folks.

Want to join in and celebrate with us? Hop over to Lexa's blog here and sign up.


  1. Congratulations on getting your letter accepted and the magazine's interest in your doing a feature. That's awesome. I'm glad your friend came out of surgery okay. Have a great weekend! Eva

  2. I have a bit of minor surgery on Monday. Deep breathing sounds like a plan, but I doubt I'll fall asleep. The anesthesia will be local only.

  3. I'm totally with you on the "proper job" thing. Ugh. Yay for your writing subs, the accepted letter, and the interest in a feature. Awesome!! Have a great weekend!

  4. Thanks, everyone for taking the time to comment.

  5. Pleased the freelancing is working out for you, Julia - you seem to be doing well so far!

    1. Thanks, Rosemary. I do seem to be getting the hang of it!