Wednesday, 29 June 2016

No time to stand and stare

Ivory Yardsale at NMF Pic T Jackson
Headless chicken? Fly with a blue bottom? Yes, that's been me for the last month, which is why I haven't posted anything here for three weeks. I just hope you haven't all deserted me. I've been ridiculously busy with work, which is great, of course. I've had lots of extra jobs on top of all the usual stuff. Two-thousand words on beetroot by the end of the week? Certainly. Cast my eye over that training document? No problem. Proofread that novel? Leave it with me. Cover some extra yoga classes at short  notice? Absolutely. Organise two yoga workshops? Sure thing.

It's not been all work, though. I've been lucky enough to have quite a lot of evenings out and contact with friends. Then there's the small matter of a poorly mother 80 miles away (thank heavens for my two brothers on her doorstep); and my current husband being away for two out of three weekends, leaving me alone and palely loitering.

Here, then is a quick, Reader's Digest version of what I've been up to. Lunch with friends in the WWII-themed Blitz Cafe; creativity workshop with Lindsey Watson of Chandra Yoga (turns out I'm useless with scissors and glue); The Pantaloons performance of Gulliver's Travels (hilarious); wellbeing festival at local mental health charity Johnny's Happy Place; joining a second ukulele group to play folk music; Mitch Benn at Kettering Arts Centre; lunch with my good friend Will (we used to call these working lunches, but we're not fooling anyone)' Northampton Music Festival with my little brother to see son Joe and his band play (Ivory Yardsale); meditation session at Not Just Words bookshop; launch of Kettering's new folk club with the excellent Jess Morgan Trio; yoga workshop on the Peaceful Workshop, with the lovely Atim Arden; open gardens in the nearby village of Arthingworth.

Then there's been all the turmoil going on in the real world (nuff said).

And breathe.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

I should get out more!

Most of my editorial clients are people that I never see in real life. They email their words to me, I do my thing, and then I email them back. There are exceptions, of course - I had a cuppa with a lovely author one day last week - but I don't often have any cause to leave my home office.

Last Friday, though, I actually went to a Proper Meeting in an Office with a Formal Agenda And Everything. I know! It was to discuss editorial policy on one of the journals I work on, and it was very useful, not least because I finally met the long-suffering designer I've been working with for about nine years.

In a pre-meeting chat, I learned that one of the other people there was a fiction writer (as well as what she does in her day job). Not only that, but she also runs a local writing group. Details were exchanged. She writes urban fantasy, horror and Gothic romance - safe to say we're not competing in the same markets! You can check her out here: