Monday, 20 February 2012

It's a dangerous world!

I survived Booiaka. It's really good fun, so I hope the gym books a regular slot.

On another dance-related matter, my friends and I turned up for Zumba last week to find the hall all locked up. We put this down to the fact that it was half term and thought the teacher must have forgotten to tell us the class was cancelled. But no. Turns out she'd been arrested as part of a drugs bust. We were all astonished. You hear people say, 'He seemed such a nice young man,' when their neighbour is arrested. Well, we know  how they feel! Happily for us we have a replacement teacher who put us through our paces good and proper this morning.

And linking one legal story tenuously to another, according to our local paper, my town is the most dangerous in the county for posties. A closer reading of the story revealed that in 2008-10, 19 posties were bitten by dogs - which doesn't sound a lot to me, but then I wasn't one of the poor souls attacked. I'd better tread carefully next time I venture out!

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