Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bending and stretching in the sun

I had a lovely morning on Friday when I went to teach yoga at a nearby day nursery. It was sunny, so we went out into the garden, took our shoes and socks off and just went for it. One of the great things about this nursery is that the children are allowed, nay, encouraged to go outside and get dirty. They even have a tree specially for climbing!

The children were 3 and 4-year-olds and FULL of energy, and questions, and ideas  - and did I mention energy?
I have found that story-telling works well with yoga for tots, where it's more about making shapes and exploring what our bodies can do than anything po-faced and spiritual. Mind you, at the very end I did manage to get them to sit still and quiet by asking them to focus on Shanti's nose. Shanti is my yoga bear, pictured above.

I felt very virtuous because I cycled there and back - only about 25 minutes each way, so Victoria Pendleton doesn't have anything to worry about, but not bad for an old bird. I'm a bit of a fair-weather cyclist and don't exploit the full gear range on my bike. It has 15, but I only use the middle three or four. It's like my washing machine, which has dozens of programmes and permutations, but I only ever use 30-degree wash, woolly wash and spin; and my microwave, which I only use when I really have to, because I don't trust it. (Who said, 'Luddite'?)

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