Tuesday, 11 September 2012

What a nice surpise!

How to keep your whiskers dry
This morning's post has brought me a cheque from Real People magazine in payment for a little filler piece I submitted in January. I'd forgotten I'd written it, but my filing system is so 'Monica' that I was able to look back and find what it was: an item for 'Tim's Treasure' about a moustache cup. Just goes to show you should never give up hope!


  1. I clicked on the link to find out a little more about "Real People" magazine. Reader, I wish I had not.

    With this week's edition sporting such journalistic adventures as "Swinging saved our marriage" and "Wonky boobs found me love"; I fear that I must now spend 67 of her majesty's finest pence every week to ensure I am appraised on a regular basis of those things that otherwise I would surely have missed.

    With this in mind... I fear for the content of your piece on drinking vessels for the hairy of top lip. "How to keep your whiskers dry" Is it to become a 75 episode part work? A pull out and keep encyclopaedia of aridity for the facially adorned? Just how much or little may I expect to be allowed to pay for the dedicated A5 folders? i think we should be told.

    As for Tim's Treasure.... oh please!

  2. I suspect, my dear Graham, that you are not the target audience for Real People. Have you looked into subscription rates for High & Mighty Weekly?

    1. ....and there was me thinking I might take up multi-tasking as well.

      Hah! Minx...

      You toy with me. The mighty gods Google and Bing can offer no connection to such a periodical!!!

      are you sure it's not a quarterly?