Thursday 1 November 2012

The last few days have been a bit up and down

The last few days have been a bit up and down.

I've been on BBC Radio Northampton promoting my choir's concert, which was exciting. It was for a slot called 'Sixty-second Sell', in which - you won't be surprised to learn - I was given exactly one minute to plug our forthcoming event. Naturally, being a Monica I rehearsed this with a stopwatch, so that I was able to say everything I needed to before the buzzer went.

Crouch End 1979 - see Best of British, October 2012 Copyright Julia Thorley
I've had a couple of writing successes, too. I've had something accepted for AlphaFit, which is a magazine given away free in gyms. I've also had a little something published in October's issue of Best of British - but I only know this because the editor emailed me for my address so he could send me my cheque. Sadly, I missed this issue, so if you've got it perhaps you'd let me know how it looks. In the November issue there is a letter referring to my piece, which is nice. (Ego starting to inflate.)

I've also been to The Yoga Show, where I finally got to meet the editor of Om magazine. He said some nice things about my column. (Ego getting bigger.)

But then the universe gave me a bit of a slap when one of my yoga contracts suddenly came to an end. I have been teaching in a health retreat and they have decided to shake up the timetable, which means no room for my yoga class. (Ego deflated.)

When my boys were little we had a Snakes & Ladders game where each climb up or slither down was connected with a proverb. As I write this I'm recalling the pictures for 'Pride cometh before a fall'.

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