Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A hint of humbug?

Is the whole world losing its senses? I mean, I know it’s Christmas in a couple of weeks’ time and we all tend to act a little oddly at this time of year, but what is it about the whiff of pine needles that makes people lose all sense of proportion? I've just visited a local self-styled emporium, filled with seasonal wonders in the form of decorations, gifts, festive tableware and candles. And then there was the food.
Christmas Goose by Jan Pashley Art Print - WorldGallery.co.uk
Displayed amid the handmade chutney and nets of walnuts was a tower of goose fat, which as any self-respecting modern cook knows is THE essential ingredient for roasting potatoes. Anything else simply won’t do. (Politeness prevents me from expressing my views on this.) 
Incredible though it seems, a 300g jar of this precious commodity was priced at £4.59. 
That’s £15.30 a kilogram. 
For fat.  
That’s just daft.


  1. I think we all panic in December (especially us women) as we try to create the perfect Christmas for our family. We pay more than we would normally for things we don't usually buy because we think it's all down to us to make the day extra special. Sometimes it's hard to remember that it's the people that are important not how wonderful our turkey dinner is.

  2. Yes - and that Asda advert isn't helping! That poor woman does all the work and doesn't even get a proper chair at the dinner table.