Monday, 13 May 2013

Should have gone to...

What do you think of this cheerful berberis fighting its way up through the forget-me-nots? I took this pic because these bright orange berries can be seen through my office window and always lift my spirits. However, their charms were tarnished somewhat on this occasion, because I was concentrating so hard on making sure I had the camera switched on that I wasn't looking where I was going and smacked straight into the back door.

In other news today: my central heating system has packed up for no apparent reason. Just had the darn thing serviced, too. So I missed Zumba this morning, because getting all sweaty and then not having a shower might not be too kind on my yoga students later on. The gas man cometh tomorrow.

I've just been for a quick haircut, where the young lady wielding the scissors suggested I needed a tidy up round the back and some weight taking out of my bottom area. None taken!

Kettering Camerata's spring concert went well on Saturday (with only one slightly dodgy moment - but I think we got away with it). We were joined by some fantastic young soloists who were all graduates of the Birmingham Conservatoire, and an organist who entertained us with an impromptu performance of Widor's Toccata from memory. That's just showing off!

Now I'm focusing all my energies of preparing for my yoga workshop next Saturday - except that from the Ether Books community I hear news of a flash fiction competition being run in collaboration with The British Fantasy Society (who knew!). There's no money, but publication and some nice books for the winner. Might just give it a go. Details here, if you fancy it.


  1. Lovely combination of colours with the plants. Sorry you suffered injury!

  2. They don't call me Little Miss Clumsy for nothing.