Friday, 7 February 2014

Join in the celebrations via VikLit's blog 'Scribblings of an Aspiring Author' here.

Today I'm celebrating the end of a very busy week workwise - which is just as well because tomorrow there is a plumber coming to replace two radiators and they have to be paid for somehow. Also on the money front, I'm celebrating a modest win by having my contribution declared Star Letter in the February issue of Freelance Market News.

I'm also celebrating the success of my writing buddy Elaine Medcalf, whose short story Answers From Ghosts is now available from the Kindle Store.

Looking forward to an evening of folk music later, with friends and real ale.

Only slight blot on the landscape is that my mobile phone has stopped accepting texts from number two son. He gets texts from me and old-style talking isn't a problem, but if he texts me it doesn't arrive. Odd - and slightly annoying for him, when he's asking for a lift home, and for me when I'm pacing the floor wondering where he is. Any thoughts, anyone?

Have a splendid weekend.


  1. Congrats on the win. Maybe try asking the operator about the texts? A friend of mine used to have the same problem. I can receive texts from her fine but she can't receive mine. I think it was an operator problem on her side as it seems it wasn't only happening with my texts. Have a good weekend!

  2. My mobile was playing up with texts this week, not sure why but fingers crossed it seems to be better now. Well done on receiving Star Letter.

  3. Caffe and Suzanne, thanks for the advice re phones. I think a visit to the Orange shop is needed.

  4. You'll have to stick with the 'old time talking' then, Julia.

  5. I get FMN and didn't know that was your letter, Julia - good for you!

    1. I have a real fondness for FMN. It was one of the first things I subscribed to when I gave up my proper job, and over the years it has given me some good leads and lots of inspiration. Well worth the modest annual fee.

  6. A win - ;that's a good celebration. I hope your radiators are sorted - necessary in this weather.
    Celebrate not having to give lifts! That would be a positive way of looking at it.

  7. Mum's phone put me on a "blocked number" list all by itself. It can be remedied by going in to settings if you're savvy enough !?

  8. Congrats on the win and glad you have sorted the phone problem!