Monday, 12 October 2015

Happy Monday!

My day started well when one of my yoga students gave me a plant she had grown from seeds she brought back from Monet's garden. Wasn't that kind of her? Then one of my editorial clients told me I was awesome, which was nice, too.

A look at my finances has led me to the conclusion that I need to work smarter. I always seem to be busy, and yet my earnings aren't high enough. I'm not on the breadline, the house is safe and we never go hungry; but a bit more of a cushion would be nice. As I write this, a builder is unloading some equipment in my garden with a view to fixing some structural deficits. We seem to have cured the leak, but as always with old houses, one problem solved reveals at least one more than needs attention. (Cue husband, mumbling something about a moneypit.)

My writer friends will no doubt have received the latest missive from 'Writers & Artists', which includes a link to an article by Melanie Sumner called 'Who will buy your book?' Actually, it's about  why people won't buy your book: maybe they don't understand how the book world works, perhaps they're broke, or maybe they just don't like it...

I'd better take note. Then I'd better work smarter and get another book finished.


  1. I think you, me & big bro are all the same when it comes to working smarter : we're do'ers, and do'ers don't make loadsamoney; we should learn to delegate & cream a bit off the top off other people's efforts. Maybe I'll learn something from this series intake of The Apprentice, they look a bright bunch.

  2. Thanks, Tim, but you know I don't do delegating.

  3. Interesting post, Julia - houses can be a terrible drain on finances. How lovely to receive that plant!

    1. The saga of the building work goes on, Rosemary. Aargh!

  4. I know I should write more... Then I find something else to do.