Wednesday, 18 January 2017

'Behind the jug in Annie's room'

At our lovely Weaving Words writing group this week, one of the prompts we were given was 'Filter', to be interpreted any way we liked. Off you go! I wrote something about clearing space in my head, letting go of stuff that is no longer useful to me and so forth. Not worth sharing as it stands, but I might turn it into something (fabulous) at a later date.

Inevitably, we ended up talking about physical clutter in our homes. I'm not a hoarder, but I am married to one, so I share the pain of random boxes of curiosities that will 'come in for something one day'. One of our group has moved home many times and confessed she has some boxes that have been shifted from house to house without even being opened. My advice was to dump them. She also has a box that has lost its original label along the way and she was written on the outside: 'Lord knows!' Why doesn't she have a look? 'Too scared of what I might find,' she said. That would drive me crazy.

In our house we have a small plastic tub that we call the Kitchen Drawer Box, because when we moved from our previous house the contents of said drawer were tipped into a box and there they have stayed. It's full of things like the radiator key, a tin of 3-in-1, a football boot stud remover and silver polish (these last two being particularly redundant, yet somehow they stay). We've all got these ridiculous places - haven't we?

And the title of this post? That's a family saying. We have no Annie and therefore no such room or  jug, but it's where we say something that you can't find will be hiding.


  1. What a great saying! I like that idea of tipping the kitchen drawer contents into a plastic box and might borrow it (the idea) when we move. We've been gradually clearing lots of clutter but my huge number of books defeats me every time.

  2. Apple boxes are the thing for books, because you can get in quite a few but still lift them off the ground.

  3. Clutter is insidious. It hides things we need. Sometimes I find myself buying something I know is in my house, just hidden. I dream of a clutter free home, but I'm afraid real progress might not happen until I get my horders (the rest of the family) out!

    1. I think hoarders are born not made and there's nothing to be done, Tamara.