Tuesday, 29 May 2018

It's oh so quiet

My editorial clients must have decided to extend the Bank Holiday weekend by an extra day, because my email account and phone are quiet today. This is good, because it means I've been able to spend all morning writing. I'm working on a short story, but it's taken a rather depressing turn, so I'm having a break to post here and then I shall go for a quick walk round the block to lift my spirits.

My weekend went well. I went to a poetry group meeting on Friday evening. On Saturday, I played my ukulele at the grand opening of a bandstand-cum-covered seating area in the afternoon and then in the evening went to a performance of M R James stories in our local art gallery. On Sunday, I taught my creative writing workshop as planned. All good.

Yesterday, I pottered. This included taking a saw to my lilac tree. It's still standing, but it's letting in much more light than it was this time last week.

I usually teach yoga on a Tuesday evening at a local hotel and spa, but I've just had a message to say the electricity has gone off over the whole site, so I have an unexpected night off. I could go to Zumba, or I could watch King Lear, which I recorded last night so I could watch Car Share in real time. I'm such a culture vulture.


  1. If you're feeling a little low because your story's taken a slighlty depressing turn, then might I suggest King Lear's not the best choice?! It's not my favourite play although, whenever I say that I'm always greeted with a chorus of 'oh but it's briliant!' (usually from people who know the play much better than me!). Agree with you that it's quiet. I'm waiting to hear about a few story submissions and I keep checking my emails, which is soul-destroying! Out into the garden now, to finish off my hanging baskets! Glad your writing workshop went well.

  2. Interesting that you said your story got you a little down. Yesterday evening I was typing at my computer in the dark, a story about scary creatures, and I suddenly worried that these scary creatures would grab my bare feet in the dark! Yep, scared myself silly.

  3. You sound busy as always, Julia. I saw a live performance of King Lear a couple of years ago (courtesy of a friend) and although it was well acted, I detested most of it as it was so depressing and violent!