Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Doing the Lambeth Walk (Oi!)

The audience is yet to arrive
Show programmes, then and now
In 1984, my family went to the Leicester Haymarket Theatre to see Me And My Girl. This was the revised production based on Stephen Fry's revision of the original book and ahead of its transfer to the Adelphi in London's glittering West End. It was a wonderful evening and we all came home singing.

As part of our recent trip to Cornwall - well, actually the main reason for the visit - Mr Thorley and I went to the fabulous Minack Theatre (right)  to see The Mitre Players' production of this same musical. It may have lacked the tap-dancing prowess of Robert Lindsay and Emma Thompson who played the leads Bill Snibson and Sally Smith in the Leicester version, but Paul Grace and Megan Brown did a great job in the roles. Once again, we came home singing.

We stayed a few miles inland in St Buryan, home to John Le Carre (which I didn't realise until we got home). It might only have been a week away, but I feel refreshed - and have come back with a notebook full of scribbled ideas for stories.


  1. How wonderful that the trip inspired stories. I love musicals, and this theater in Cornwall looks so evocative and enticing.

  2. Glad you had such a great time and came home singing. I didn't know that about John Le Carre, either.

    1. Thanks, Priscilla. It already seems a long time ago.

  3. That theater is amazing! Would love to visit there sometime. And so glad you came home popping with ideas! Nothing like a trip to new places to stir the imagination!

  4. Visited the Minack Theatre on our holiday in Cornwall last year. Sadly (as we had the dog) we weren’t able to see a show. Maybe next time.