Monday, 10 September 2018

Bacon or eggs?*

I went to my first BNI meeting last week. I was invited because the group is seeking a copy-writer. BNI (Business Network International) is a business and professional referral organisation that allows only one representative from each profession to join any of its 'chapters'. The sole purpose of every BNI chapter is to generate more business for its members. It's a sound idea and I know several people who have found it beneficial, but while they made me welcome and sat patiently through my permitted 60-second presentation, I shan't be joining. It's not for me, thanks.

The organisation's stated philosophy is 'Givers Gain'. Again, a sound idea and one that I try to embrace. If I join something I like to get involved. This sometimes leads to me 'doing a Julia', as my son so eloquently puts it. Not only do I join in, but I also have a tendency to try to take over. Once a control freak...

Anyhoo, also last week I answered the rallying cry from one of the music groups I'm involved in for members to step up and help organise our forthcoming concert. Out of a possible pool of 40-plus people, there were 10 of us - and that included the two hosts, one partner who isn't a member but was there to support her man, and another person who isn't going to be in the show.

Is it me, or is that a bit sad?

*When it comes to a cooked breakfast, a pig really commits to the project, while a hen makes a small donation. What do you do? (I bring the vegetarian sausage.)


  1. Interesting post, Julia. I have a friend in BNI and she swears by it. I also know how hard it is to get anyone to be part of a committee or organising team. Several years ago I was part of a writing group that failed not due to lack of members but due to lack of a committee.

    1. One of the reasons I rejected BNI is that I would have to commit to going every Thursday for a 6.45am start. I just can't do that. As for the committee thing, I hate it when you're at a meeting and the chairperson ask for volunteers and everyone looks that their feet.

  2. LOL! Awesome! It's good that you are a discerning person who knows her own mind. That's a rare gift!