Thursday, 1 March 2012

Book reviews

I went down to W H Smith this morning to buy a copy of Take A Break's Fiction Feast because my book review is published in this issue, alongside a photograph of me.

I really must get a new picture taken. Someone asked me for one on Monday to go on their website. It's a place where I teach yoga and they wanted it for the 'Meet the team' page. Then someone else wanted one yesterday (see below).

I look better from behind!
I have a handful of stock photos: the mugshot that's in TAB was taken to accompany my profile on the One & Other website when I did my hour on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, so I look younger than I am in real life. Another shows me sitting in the lotus posture, and is the one I use on yoga-related occasions. A third is a shot of me on a climbing wall taken at a clever angle that makes it look as though I'm really high up.

I hate having my photo taken. Good job I'm not famous.

The other person who wanted my photo was Angela Cox at Freelance Market News. She emailed me to say I'd won a competition to write a book review, which was gratifying. But am I seeing a pattern here? Am I better at writing about other people's writing than I am at writing my own?

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