Sunday, 11 March 2012


It’s the Sport Relief Mile in a couple of weeks’ time and since I’ve signed up to run I thought that this morning I ought to see if I can actually manage 1,760 yards without keeling over

So I jogged to the allotment, which is about half a mile from home. Nothing to it. Managed it comfortably. Piece of cake. My husband was waiting for me by the gate. He had opted to drive there: ‘just in case you trip and need a lift home’. Nothing to do him with not being fit enough to run with me, you understand.
How green was my garlic

We had a walk round the plot. The last few leeks need coming up now, but there are of signs of new growth. The spring cabbage has come on apace in the last week, and there is plenty going on in the garlic bed and the soft fruit patch. But there is also lots of hard work to be done, so having given my opinion I left hubby to it and set off home again.

What I hadn’t reckoned on was that it’s uphill on the way back, a challenge not helped by the fact that I also had serious clumps of mud stuck to my trainers. I’m sure it was still only half a mile, but it seemed longer. I didn’t stop, but I was glad when I reached our house. It was only the fact that there were people about it and I didn’t want them to see me faltering that kept me going!

But it’s all in a good cause. I might not be pushing myself as hard as David Walliams, and I’m certainly not going to be raising as much as he did on his fantastic swim along the Thames, but I want to do my bit. Every little helps - and sponsorship is always gratefully received.

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