Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Do you remember Cadbury's writing competition?

One of my fellow Evening Telegraph columnists, the cheery Richard Oliff, has been reminiscing about the Cadbury's writing competition that he was entered into as a child. The memories came flooding back for me, too. When I was at primary school we were involved in this national competition, for which we had to write an essay called 'The Story of Chocolate'. Everyone who entered got a bar of chocolate, while the fortunate winners got a certificate and a selection of chocs in a tin that, once emptied, could be used as a pencil case.

There are changes afoot at the ET. At the moment it is a daily local paper, but its publisher Johnston Press is about to 're-launch' its paid-for publications in a move towards what it calls 'platform neutral content', whatever that is. The paper will be published online everyday (but I don't know if this will be with free or paid-for access), with a bumper, old-style printed copy just once a week. I don't know how this will affect me, but I suspect it means I shall lose my fortnightly soapbox.

It seems a shame that those who don't have internet access will lose their daily paper. Certainly comments on local radio this afternoon have tended to be critical of this move. Time will tell.


  1. Yes...our primary school in Birkenhead participated in the Cadbury writing competition each year and we won tins of chocolates- very clever marketing aimed at children.

    1. Thanks for stopping by - even after all this time.