Sunday, 8 July 2012

What a week!

This week has flown by. I've haven't known if it was half-past two or Good Friday, as someone once said. 

Monday's Olympic Torch trip went well. In the end I saw it twice, once at either end of the town. I decided not to take any pictures because I can either look at what's going on or record it for posterity. Whether this is because my digital camera doesn't necessitate my looking through a viewfinder, which makes me feel disconnected, or whether I'm just stupid is for others to say. (No money earned today - too busy to work!)

Tuesday was taken up with 'discussions' with Virgin about my erratic broadband service, ferrying sons about and last-minute choir rehearsals for Sunday's performance - see below. (Also managed to squeeze in some teaching and some editorial work.)

Wednesday: So it rained again. My poor gooseberries have taken a hammering, so I dashed out between showers to scoop up what fruit I could, then turned it into jam (with some strawberries), some crumbles and shoved some in the freezer. Proper domestic goddess. Also, having missed Zumba on Monday I went today instead. Found myself volunteering to be part of a demonstration troupe at a forthcoming village fete. Oo-er! (More words subbed and more yoga taught.)

Thursday: I've got a new column! Having written regular features for OM yoga & lifestyle magazine, I am to become a monthly columnist. My first will appear in the September issue. (More words, more yoga.)

Friday: Worked flat out day - the tax man cometh at the end of the month. (Sad face.)

Saturday: All day at the allotment. Can't work out why all the runner beans we planted have disappeared without trace. Replacement seedlings have been installed. Saw five magpies sitting in a row on the shed of the adjacent plot. Anyone for silver?

Sunday: Supportive family members arrived from up north to come and hear my choir sing, bless 'em. A good time was had by all - no doubt enhanced by the provision of some fabulous cake.

I'm going to loosen my stays and have a BIG glass of wine now. Night, all.

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