Monday, 2 July 2012

Least Exotic Marigold Pot

Ever with an eye for a gardening bargain, we picked up a tray of bedding plants in Asda the other day that had been reduced to just 10p.
Admittedly one of them was dead and another didn't look as though it had a lot of life, but we've crossed our fingers, sprinkled some optimism into the compost and transplanted them into a 14-inch tub. They look better already, so I hope I shall be able to post a picture of a splendid display later in the month!

And speaking of optimism, I'm off into town in a moment to watch the Olympic Torch Relay pass through. It's raining, but I'm sure it'll brighten up in a minute. I'm listening to local radio, where the presenters are doing a great job of keeping energy levels high. Apparently there are thousands of folk lining the streets, so I'd better get a wiggle on.

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