Thursday 28 June 2012

Proofreading test - not!


I was interrupted a few moments ago by a text from my son's school. He has finished all his A-level exams and has to go in tomorrow to sign off officially. This is the text:

Your son needs to come in at 10.00am tomorrow and sign off. They must return all books, cd's etc, as well as, ID badges and landyards, keys & passes.

So few words, so many errors. My son says I'm like the Grammar Nazi Party and that there are more important things to worry about. Perhaps he's right; but this text was sent by the woman who is head of the Sixth Form and she is an English teacher.

Abandon hope...

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  1. I often forget that there are peple in this world who did not benefit from an education which included Mr Bowden. He was my french langauge teacher and succeeded in teaching me more english grammar than all my english teachers put together.