Thursday 7 June 2012

Yoga in the air!

An enquiry from a potential student led me to look up 'anti-gravity yoga' on t'internet. Never heard of it? No, me neither.

Now, it could surely be argued that all yoga is anti-gravity in the sense that we work against it in postures - and practise our inversions in the probably vain hope that we can reverse gravity's ageing effects. But this wondrous system involves hanging from the ceiling in a fabric sling and then using the sling to support the body in stretches and extensions. Remember that old BBC ident with the ladies tumbling from the ceiling on red ribbons? Yes, just like that.
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I have to say it looks tremendous fun and I wouldn't mind having a go. For instance, with feet supported in opposite directions it would be pretty hard NOT to do the splits (or Hanumanasana, to use the Sanskrit); but is that really a good thing? Unless I want to run away and join the circus - and don't think I haven't been tempted occasionally - would I not be better to work on my strength and flexibility until I can ease myself into position 'naturally', as it were? What if I slip out of the sling? Isn't there a very real chance I could land on my head?

Given that I was born with a clumsy gene, I think I'll keep my yoga practice mat-bound.

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