Saturday, 19 January 2013

It's Friday!

OK, it's actually Saturday, but hey. I was too snowbound yesterday to do anything literary. I taught a yoga class in a nearby village, but while we were inside someone tipped a load of snow on the roads and it took me 40 minutes to go three miles. When I got to the foot of our hill, I abandoned my car and finished the journey on foot.

But I can still Celebrate The Small Things. This week I won an umbrella. My letter to LandLove magazine will be in the next issue out at the beginning of February.

And I have a story in the Onward Writing Anthology 2012, of which I received a copy this week.

Keep smiling, folks!


  1. Oooh go you having a letter in a magazine and winning an umbrella! And a story in an anthology!! You are cooking on gas, this is all GREAT! *TWIRLS YOU*

  2. Well done, Julia! And don't hide your light under a bushel - these aren't really little things!

  3. Lots to celebrate here. It is lovely to meet you through this great bloghop.

  4. You posted Small Things on Sat. I posted it on Monday. Between the two of us we've almost got it right. :-) Congrats on the umbrella!