Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Who's in your head?

Symbol Of...I've signed up to do an online programme with Yoga Journal, called Boost Your Willpower. In week one, our focus is on turning inside and listening to the inner voice 'to figure out what you really want in life'. Each day has a short physical sequence and then a breathing/meditation practice. I've done YJ programmes before, and they're very good (if you don't get distracted by the American accent pronouncing 'inhale' and 'in-haul').

When we got to the bit in the contemplation where I was to ask myself what I would like in my life, if all things were possible, my first thought was that I needed more cupboards so I could tidy my house. I could interpret this as a deep-seated desire for more space and lightness and a willingness to practise more detachment. However, it's more likely that I just want more cupboards.

The path to enlightenment is long and winding.

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