Sunday, 24 March 2013

Bits and pieces

I have had a lot of work on this last week, a fact I was going to list under my Celebrate the Small Things post on Friday - but I was too busy to do it. I've had some lovely proofreading jobs on a range of subjects. In one of them, I read the astonishing fact that pure honey will always spin clockwise when it's poured. Well, now, there's a thing.

What else? Ah yes.
Beehive yourself!
My recording for The Paul Edwards Show this evening was inspired by a packet of cheese. On the wrapper was a QR code with the enticing message: 'Scan me and download a free sandwich app.' What on earth is a sandwich app? Does it provide instructions on how to fill two slices of bread? Might it perhaps regale me with amusing granary-related incidents? I'm intrigued, but my mobile phone has no internet wotsit, so I shall never know.

My husband spent over an hour one morning this week looking for something he'd ordered from eBay and that he knew - absolutely knew - he had received. He could remember opening the Jiffy Bag. He just couldn't remember where he'd put the contents. He tried all the obvious places and some not-so-obvious, including the recycling boxes and the bread bin. (Don't ask!) The mystery was solved when the postman rang the bell to deliver said parcel. I didn't comment; I didn't need to.

Went to see Steeleye Span on Friday, where singer Maddy Prior was giving out leaflets for an event she is hosting in Cumbria: Stepping Stones Festival. There were also details of some of her courses, including an 'Extreme vocal workshop with Rose Kemp'. At first glance, I read this as Ross Kemp, which would be an entirely different prospect.


  1. Hello Julia! I followed the linky from Celebrate the Small Things and now find myself here as a first time visitor! Wanted to pop my head up and say : "Nice to meet you!"

    1. Welcome, Beverly. Sorry for the tardy response - tried not to do any computing over the weekend, but started to feel withdrawal symptoms!