Friday 1 March 2013

You've got to laugh!

Sometimes it isn't easy to find some small things to celebrate, but this has been a good week, if rather tiring. Firstly, and the reason for the above title, I've been to two really good comedy gigs. Last Saturday, I went to see rising star James Acaster, who is a 'local boy made good'. His hapless support act died on his feet, bless him, but James was very funny. Then last night it was the turn of Milton Jones, who was brilliant. And as if that wasn't enough, tomorrow I'm going to see Sean Lock.

Other good stuff:
  • My mum continues to improve, post-op.
  • A client I thought had abandoned me has been in touch to warn me there is some work on its way. 
  • I'm just about to dash out to meet a friend for coffee - always a cause for celebration. We've decided to try somewhere new. Our town is only small but it has 17 coffee shops (there are FOUR Subway outlets and two Costas, would you believe). We eschew the chains and support the independents. Way to stick it to the man.
  • I've been selected to be a World Book Night giver again. Last year I gave away Rebecca; this year, it's to be Treasure Island.
  • I've entered two writing competitions this week.
  • I've won a competition in Freelance Market News to write a limerick on the Seven Deadly Sins. 
How about you?


  1. Here's to your mom's full recovery! That's no small thing. :-)

  2. Yeah Indies! stick it to the man lol

    I'm very happy to read your mom is improving post-op. Also, congrats on winning that competition ;)

  3. YAY for indies! Glad your mom is improving and congrats on winning the comp!! :)

  4. All the best for your mum's recovery and congrats on the comp win!

  5. Sometimes laughter just takes away all the pains. Glad you were able to get some in. And congrats on your winnings! BTW - if you're going to have 17 of something in a small town, it might as well be coffee shops, if not churches. Hopefully there aren't 17 bars!

    1. Nancy, we also have far too many phone shops!

  6. Some good things to celebrate, and it's always important to find things to laugh about, a good laugh can do wonders :)

  7. Awesome you've been busy and have lovely challenges to accomplish. Love supporting the indies!

  8. Our town centre is really struggling at the moment. It's fine if you need a new phone, want to browse in charity shops or buy something from a pound shop, but parts of it look very down at heel. There are plans to revitalise it; we'll have to wait and see.