Wednesday 10 July 2013

Writer's block

A quick one for the writers among you.

Fay Brotherhood's Cernewoda

Fay Brotherhood, lead singer with the excellent Cernewoda, has put this up on her Facebook page:

“One reason that people have artist’s block is that they do not respect the law of dormancy in nature. Trees don’t produce fruit all year long, constantly. They have a point where they go dormant. And when you are in a dormant period creatively, if you can arrange your life to do the technical tasks that don’t take creativity, you are essentially preparing for the spring when it will all blossom again.” Marshall Vandruff,

 Nothing wrong with a bit of dormancy.


  1. I so agree. I don't consider it writer's block, but a time or ruminating and taking care of other things. Well said here. Writer’s Mark

    1. Thanks, Nancy. They do say that when the mind is tired you should exercise the body, and vice versa. I guess this is the same principal.