Monday, 28 July 2014

Barefoot delights

When the chap wearing the cut-off jeans and Native American headdress is the normal one in the group sitting on the opposite hay bale, you know you're not in Kettering any more.

Preparing for a gong bath
We're back from the Barefoot Festival, where I led some meditations - something I've not done at a festival before. Thanks to old and new friends who came along and accepted my offering, and who persevered with me despite the distractions from beyond the Chill Out Area. (Bass? What bass?!)

Big thumbs up, too, to hubby Clive, who embraced the strangeness with an open mind. He had never set foot on a yoga mat until this weekend, but to my (and his) astonishment, he threw himself into the gong baths*, the chanting, the African drumming, the Shamanic journeys and, especially, the Laughter Yoga with Heike. He encountered a Priestess of Avalon, tasted his first cup of chai ('Not as nice as "proper" tea') and connected with  his inner hippy; I never thought I'd hear him say to a total stranger; 'Greetings, glorious goddess.'

'Girls On Fire' Show
It was a wonderful weekend, surrounded by gentle, friendly folk and too many new experiences to list, but I must mention the awesome musicians, including my friend Kenneth J Nash, the circus performers who literally played with fire, the burlesque artistes and the ukulele workshop. We're already thinking about next year.

A few bullet points to finish with:
  • You can never have too many fairies in one place
  • Children don't die if you let them run around in the sun in their underwear; nor do they get abducted if you let them talk to a stranger
  • An airbed is a wonderful thing
  • No one deposits pixie dust in a Portaloo (good grief!)
  • There is no such thing as weird; it's just a matter of context

* Apologies to the wonderful gong bath leader, but I didn't get his name. If you know him (or if you are him), please let me know and I'll change the caption.


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    1. Yes, Kate, it was incredible. I'm still blissed out!

  2. I get to go on at least one Yoga retreat a year. Wish it were more, but I value those times so much for the peace and clarity they bring. The picture of the people holding fire was amazing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. This post received the highest number of viewings I've ever had - but only two comments. Go figure!