Saturday 10 January 2015


Plans for spending Saturday morning replacing the light fitting in the kitchen have been scuppered on two accounts. First, it is so ridiculously dark today that without the light on we can't see to, er, replace the light. Second, the instructions that came with the light are sadly lacking: by which I mean there aren't any. The 'Instruction Manual' is but a single sheet of badly folded A4 paper the inside of which is completely blank. OK, Plan B.

I've finished reading Harold Fry, so what should I go for next? I have a shortlist of three. There is The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy, but perhaps I should have a break from Rachel Joyce; there is Frankenstein, which I was given for my birthday in October but that I have yet to tackle; there is also Val McDermid's re-imagining of Northanger Abbey, but do I need to reread Jane Austen first? What say you?


  1. "Frankenstein" is right there on top... I vote for it!

  2. 1.) Puffs read instructions.
    2.) You can't have enough Rachel Joyce.

  3. Politically correct as always, Tim. The light is now up and working - no shocks, no swearing!