Tuesday 3 February 2015

This is Tuesday

When I went to put the dustbin out at 7.15 last night, it was a chilly but dry evening. When I looked outside an hour later, the world was white. Commuting son was forced to have a night's emergency accommodation with us. The world is drippy today, as the snow is disappearing. Big thumbs up, by the way, to the council team for emptying the bins as usual, despite the ice rink in my road.

My main preoccupation at the moment is things breaking down. Having seen the attention lavished on my boiler recently, the washing machine has gone into a sulk and is making the most awful grawnching noise, as though it's been derailed. I fear a man will have to be called. More seriously, my computer has also started to play silly buggers, and my printer has just announced its memory is full - which is a surprise, because I didn't know it had one. I really don't have time for this.

However, I'm still basking in the comforting glow of a fabulous yoga workshop on Saturday with Andrea Kwiatkowski, and am clinging on to positivity: so here's a picture I took this morning when I went out to feed the birds.


  1. I was meant to be going to Leeds today for training, but due to the unexpected snow in the night I get a day off instead, which is good because it was meant to be my day off anyway. Hope your washing machine is OK!

    1. My poor Zanussi has just been condemned, Laura.

  2. Printers have memories? Don't tell the news media!
    I know you'll enjoy the Saturday workout.
    Lovely flower - what is that?

  3. It's only a volatile buffer memory though so that doesn't really count. Have you tried WD40 ?

  4. Oh, and FYI, our Zanussi is 24 years old almost to the day ! Must be the way you use it.