Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Best of both worlds

The scene is set. Photo courtesy of Ruth Stanway Woodings
I have written before about my friend Rachel's latest venture, a bookshop called Not Just Words that also doubles as an arts venue. It is housed in a fabulous development called The Yards, tucked away in a corner of Kettering that used to be the site of the old fire station.

Anyway, last night I held a meditation session in the shop, thus combining two of my main passions. About 20 people turned up with open minds and good hearts to explore some breathing practices, visualisations, relaxation and meditation, surrounded by lovely books, musical instruments and various pieces of decorative ephemera. It was grand, although I say so myself, and it looks as though this might become a regular feature.

There are also plans for some writing gatherings in the same space and I'm looking forward to getting involved with them, too. There must be lots of business premises up and down the land that would be suitable venues for readings and workshops: all those shops with an upstairs room just crying out for use in the evenings. Is there anything near you?


  1. What a fantastic venue - wish I was near something like that. I also loved Kettering when we visited some years ago.

  2. I really like the town, although I'm not a native - perhaps that makes a difference. It has its problems, but it keeps on trying to improve.

  3. Kettering has its good points and this sounds like another. I like the idea of writing events, keep me posted please.