Friday, 15 January 2016

Halfway through winter

I heard someone on the radio say that we are officially halfway through winter today, and this on the first day I've had to scrape the ice off my car. It was a tad slippy on the back roads this morning, but we've had no proper snow here, thank goodness. Definitely something to celebrate.

Main celebrations this week must be the life and works of Messrs Bowie and Rickman. It's all been said elsewhere.

Closer to home, I'm celebrating the release of my son's band's new EP called 'A Watch on Each Wrist'. I'm very proud of him (natch). If you have a moment, pop over to Soundcloud here and have a listen and if you like it click the appropriate button. (If you don't like it, please just leave quietly.) Better still, if you have £3 to spare, you can buy it from Bandcamp here.

There is some other exciting Ivory Yardsale news, too, but I'm scared to say what in case I jinx it. If it comes off, I'll tell you next week.
A Watch On Each Wrist EP cover art
A Watch on Each Wrist by Ivory Yardsale

And on that bombshell...

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  1. What an interesting name Ivory Yardsale is - and that cover is surreal and very eye-catching. I'm wishing your son and his band much success! :)

  2. Congratulations on your son's achievements - it is so nice when things happen for our children - we can breathe sighs of relief I feel :) I'm "celebrating" on my daughter's behalf over in my post. Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  3. I wish your son all the very best, I love celebrating things with my children. Halfway through winter? I didn't know that, it has certainly gone a lot colder here this week and a couple of mornings have been frosty.

  4. What an exciting time or your son - you must be so proud of him

  5. Thanks, everyone, for commenting. I'm about to post an update.

  6. Exciting times for your son. Wishing him every success. It's bitter cold here but at least the sun has shone for the past two days. I'm soaking up every ounce of vitamin D. Have a great week.

  7. Be proud! What an achievement, I wish your son every future success.
    As for winter, personally, I can't wait until Spring, I love new beginnings.