Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Five things I didn't know this time last week

  1. If you break down on a motorway slip road, you will be in a live lane and should call the police before you call your rescue service (I didn't learn this from personal experience - it happened to a friend).
  2. Donkey's years is a play on words from donkey's ears, i.e. something very long.
  3. Mistletoe injections can be used as part of cancer treatment (again, not me).
  4. Musician Moby is descended from Herman Melville.
  5. Venus spins backwards compared to the other planets in our solar system.
I'm happy to be corrected.


  1. Donkey's years sounds a bit too apocryphal to me; I always had it down as Cockney rhyming slang ?

  2. All very interesting, I wasn't aware of any of these things.
    I live a sheltered life.

  3. Another interesting thing about Venus is it's day is longer than it's year.

  4. You learn something new every day! Thanks.