Monday, 19 February 2018

What is 'normal'?

No trip to the coast today
I have greeted today with a sense of relief that for the first time in ages I have a normal week in prospect: that is, while I have the usual mix of writing, editing, yoga and dancing about ahead of me, there's nothing happening that doesn't happen every week - no book launches, no birthdays, no trips planned and no visitors expected. Of course, this is subject to change, but it looks as though I have no excuse but to crack on and do lots of work. I might even get some original writing done!

The weather has conspired to help me in this. It is one of those misty-murky mornings that is perfect for a Monday, and especially the Monday after half term. It's mild, so I shan't need the heating on and I'll be able to go for a bit of a walk at lunchtime to clear my head, but I shan't be tempted to switch off my computer and run away to the seaside for the day.

Remind me I said all this on Friday when I look back at what I actually achieved this week.


  1. Hope you have productive and enjoyable week, Julia!

    1. I've not made a very good start, Rosemary: the internet keeps flicking off! 'Keep your stuff on the cloud,'they said. Pah!

  2. Is that anything like famous last words? I hope your week is productive and flies by!