Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Two posts in one day! But I wanted to announce that Clive has passed his OU degree - he is now a BSc(Open). Not bad for someone who left school with no qualifications. I've got an OU degree, so I really know what a slog it's been. It's definitely not an easy option because you get all the work and none of the social life of a conventional university.

I'm a big fan of lifelong learning. As a yoga teacher I am obliged to do a certain number of hours of continuing professional development (CPD) or in-service training to satisfy the British Wheel of Yoga, and now that I'm also on the Register of Exercise Professionals I have picked up a CPD obligation there, too. But I don't mind. I like going on courses and attending workshops because I never know who I'm going to meet or what tips and wrinkles I might pick up.

Even the once-every-three-years first aid certificate course has its charms, and although I'm happy to say I've never had to perform CPR, it's nice to know that I've got the knowledge tucked away somewhere, just in case.


  1. It was hard work, but worth while in the end.

  2. Congratulations to Clive!
    I think continuing to learn is a great way of keeping your brain young and active. It also broadens horizons and improves confidence. If the fees weren't so horrific I'd love to do a Creative Writing MA.