Friday 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas, work is over

I taught my last yoga class of the year last night: a one-to-one session with a lovely lady I’d never met before but with whom I felt an instant rapport. Actually, it wasn’t so much a lesson as a sharing session, and we swapped ideas on various approaches to the postures we were working with. Great stuff.

My own classes this week have been working through a Christmas Nativity sequence, based on a lesson posted online by Anne Vincent. It seemed to go well – although I’ll admit it was a bit contrived in places. Yes there is a Camel posture, which fitted the Wise Men well, but when they arrived at Herod’s palace they found him on a Chair – if there is a Throne posture, I’ve never heard of it!

My Tuesday class is held in an upstairs room in a church and we are always accompanied for a least part of the session by music floating up from the main room below where the regular ladies’ group meets. This week they were having a carol concert, and as we lay down to relax they struck up with ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’. Suited the mood perfectly – and makes up for a couple of weeks ago when the speaker was taking them through his recent travels and at one point his PowerPoint slides were accompanied by Madness’s ‘I’ve been driving in my car’. 

Meanwhile in my ‘other’ life, I’ve just heard that a book review of mine will be published early next year, which is nice.

I’m going to try very hard not to switch on my computer for the next week. Merry Christmas, one and all – especially to my new blogosphere buddies.
Om shanti.

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