Tuesday 6 December 2011


It’s one o’clock in the morning and I can’t sleep. Actually, that’s not quite true; I was asleep but woke myself up trying to scream. I don’t often get bad dreams, but this was a real corker. I’ll spare you the details – there are few things more boring than the ramblings generated by someone else’s fevered mind – but now I’m wide awake, and the only thing for it is to get up, make a drink and wait for my mind to settle.

Maybe I’ll use the content of this nightmare as the inspiration for a short story. It’s a shame to waste it! Perhaps my subconscious will put the meat on the bones when I drop off to sleep again. Actually, perhaps I should be writing it now, before it fades away…

I’ll got back to bed in a while and use my yoga breathing to ease myself back to the land of Nod, focusing on my exhalation as an aid to relaxation or working with an easy mantra.

When all else fails I count backwards from 150; I rarely make it to zero.

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