Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Things I've learnt since my last post

Not sure where the pansy came from!
  • Those sad marigolds we liberated from the Asda bargain rack have been well worth the 10p they cost. 
  • It isn't possible to cut your own fringe and make a good job of it.
  • A washing machine will fit in the back of a Fiesta.
  • Indoor surfing is the best fun EVER. Check out Flow House here.
  • You can have too much of a good thing. Free cooking apples, anyone?
  • My 'baby' is now 19. How did that happen?
  • It is impossible to make a four-year-old boy join in with a yoga class at school if he has set against it.
  • Composer Benjamin Till, who wrote The London Requiem, is from Northamptonshire. 
  • White space is important on a page of poetry to give it shape.
  • I've been awarded a CheerReader commendation for my story 'Linda's Lucky Break'.

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