Thursday, 4 October 2012

Venturing into Twitter

I've always said I didn't want to get involved with Twitter. However, I'm helping to promote a concert here in Kettering: 'A Musical Salute' in aid of Help for Heroes. For the first time, we are trying to fill a proper theatre, rather than performing in a church, which our usual style. This means we have to draw in a crowd of over 600 - not scary at all!

The lovely people at Help for Heroes said that if I were to tweet the details of the concert, they would retweet it far and wide. As is so often the case, I said I could do that - and then had to go and find out how. Fortunately, I have an 18-year-old to hand who was able to give me a whistlestop tour around the inner workings of Twitter and before you could say 'hashtag' I was up and running. @KettCamerata, if you're interested.

I can quite see how people become obsessed by this medium. The temptation to keep looking 'just in case anything has happened' is quite strong, but I must remember that I'm doing this on behalf of the choir and mustn't get sucked into following David Tennant or other such lovelies.


  1. I too have always regarded Twitter as something for losers. But when I was sat in the corner of the pub last night with my half a mild, no-one to talk to, I did think I might be in a similar category; but atleast I wasn't bothering anyone.

  2. There are people on Twitter that are very funny and make me laugh. there are also people on twitter that can barely see the screen on their phone over their inflated ego. THe danger is when you get sucked in and instead of communicating properly you are forming your sentences in 114 characters and ending with a hashtag. Good luck

  3. Thanks, Joanna. I'm going to have to remember that I'm tweeting on behalf of my choir, not myself - and of course the writer in me will want it to be correct. I'm sure someone will pull me up if I stray from the path!