Monday 1 October 2012

Thinking time

Marcus Brigstocke is my new favourite philosopher. I’m reading his book God Collar and have concluded that he is one of the most thoughtful and thought-provoking writers I’ve come across in a long while. This might surprise you if you’ve only heard him do a quick rant on Radio 4 or seen him play King Arthur in Spamalot, but honestly, it’s brilliant.

On Friday, I had the rare luxury of being able to sit and read for pleasure for over an hour without interruption. I wasn’t in the most comfortable of places, but the book is so absorbing that I soon forgot I was sitting on the kitchen steps in an empty house.

God CollarTo explain: I was on duty for my son, waiting for a delivery to his new home, while he and his housemate were loading up a van elsewhere. For a bargain price he had bought a bed, fridge, freezer and TV table from the British Heart Foundation shop. Have you ever been in one of their big branches? I’m not talking about the regular, slightly fusty shops where you can buy a floppy t-shirt, a well-thumbed paperback or a pre-owned Toby jug, but the shiny outlets that sell electrical goods and furniture. They should be your first port of call next time you need something for your home.

Anyway, the delivery was made on time and with a smile, and my boy and his friend have moved in without too much difficulty. Well, there was a sticky moment when we thought the boiler didn’t work, but it turns out you have to switch in on first. Doh! And there was that unfortunate incident when the slightly-too-big sofa was mauled down the hallway and took the front door handle with it, but it was nothing that a trip to B&Q couldn’t resolve.

So now the discussions are underway as to what we do with his vacated room in the family home. I quite fancy soft colours and mood lighting to create a haven for a spot of yoga and meditation; husband thinks that with some staging it would be a great place for starting off seedlings, what with all that lovely natural light; while our remaining homebound son thinks it the ideal place to store spare guitars, amps and other musical paraphernalia. I suspect I shall need to apply all my philosophical reasoning if I am to win the day.


  1. Hello. I have the book by Marcus on my shelf waiting to be read> Book group books keep gettig in the way somehow. I would just quickly chuck your mat down in the vacated room before the other two stake their claim. Nice to find your blog.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Joanna. I've just seen Marcus B on his new tour, The Brig Society, which is where I bought the book - and got it signed. What a lovely, chatty man he turned out to be. As to the room, negotiations are underway - but it has turned out to be a useful venue for dripping muslin bags while making apple jelly.

  3. As to the room.... Rent it out before the spatial variation of Parkinson's law takes over. You know it makes sense.

  4. Graham, that would mean my 'little boy' could never come home!

  5. ummmmm.... your point being???

    Oh! you want him to visit.

    (Buy a tent!!!)