Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Little Miss Busy

Yesterday was one of those days when I was what comedian Micky Flanagan would call 'double busy'. The result of this was that I finally came home just before 10pm, wolfed down a couple of slices of pizza and went to bed without giving myself time to wind down properly. Unsurprisingly, I couldn't sleep, so I got up and, having put the finishing touches to the general crossword in Saturday's paper, I switched on the TV for some mindless entertainment.

This is how I came to be watching Don't Tell The Bride at 3am. Good grief, what a strange world we live in where we can make a programme about a hapless man organising a wedding in secret from his betrothed. Will she hate it? Will he stick to the budget? Do we care? It was awful and yet awesome. It did the trick, though, and I was able to nod off when I went back to bed.

When my eyes reluctantly opened this morning, it took me a while to realise that the numbers displayed on my clock-radio were not the Radio 4 frequency, 94.5 FM, but the time: quarter to ten. Now I'm spending the whole day playing catch-up. Double busy, again.


  1. I have a confession, Julia. My husband and I sometimes watch this to have a good laugh... along with a lot of other rubbish!

  2. I also have to admit to watching 'Don't Tell The Bride'... erm, purely for 'research purposes' of course! There must be a good short story or two in there, don't you think?!

  3. I've watched that show. They play it into a huge drama but the majority of the time the men do a great job. I couldn't sleep last night, I wish it had worked out the same way as your did with a lay-in, but instead for some reason I was up at 4am. Grrr, mind you if I had slept in that late my son would have missed school. Which wouldn't have been very good lol. So I guess in some ways waking up early is better than late.

    1. One of the joys of self-employment is not being a slave to the alarm clock; but I did excel myself yesterday.

  4. The moral to this story is to unwind before bed. That programme has made me giggle once or twice, but I'd never seek it out. :)

    Shah, X