Monday 16 September 2013

Wedding bells

Best wedding cake EVER!
I went to the most remarkable wedding on Saturday. Congratulations to Becky and Pete, not just on tying the knot, but also for organising such a fabulous day. It was an astonishing mix of the traditional, the informal and the downright quirky. Bride and groom both work in the film industry - and it showed in the attention to detail and the sheer glorious theatre of it all.

After a (mostly) conventional church service, we walked through the village for the reception down by the river, a party on the theme of a meadow picnic. There were trestle tables groaning under the weight of homemade food, champagne all round, fresh flowers hanging from the ceiling of the marquee, straw bales for the guests to sit on, crazy golf and a pick 'n' mix stall.

There were, of course, speeches, but the bride's father kicked things off in fine style by singing his to the tune of 'Paddy McGinty's Goat'. It was hilarious - well, he is a writer and performer, so we expect nothing less. There were 'turns', too, from other members of the wedding party and guests, too numerous to list, but special mention must be made of Becky's sister Sarah, an actress and singer-songwriter, who played and sang beautifully. Tears, aplenty! I'm hoping someone filmed the entertainment and that it will be posted on You Tube.

But surely the quirkiests of all the quirks was the wedding cake, which was a cheese cake: that is to say, a cake made of cheese (pictured, above).



  1. That cheese cake looks amazing, Julia - I've never seen anything like it!

  2. Ah what a lovely blog about a great day! I didnt get chance to speak to you but hope you had a lovely day, sarah xx

    1. That's the way a wedding should be organised. It was all about the 'lurve'.

  3. A cake made of cheese. Love it, what a great idea! Glad you all had fun.