Monday 4 November 2013

A lesson in self-promotion

It has been raining in. Not surprising, given the weather we've been having; but what is a bit strange is that it is raining in on to a downstairs internal wall. Men have been called.

One of the roofers who came to give us a quote also has a sideline as a writer. What follows is not a recommendation of his book, which I haven't read, but rather a celebration of his gift for self-promotion.

While he was investigating the rather peculiar structure of our house, he chatted amiably about life, the universe and so on, and revealed that he has written a book. He was interested to discover that I, too, am a writer and asked about my work, as well as telling me about his latest project. But what I found really impressive is that he was able to produce from his wallet some promotional bookmarks for me to use and give out. Ten out of ten for preparation. Not only that, but he had also given my husband a couple while they were upstairs taking a manly look at the job.

It seems only fair, after all this, that I direct you to his website, here.


  1. But what about the roof, can he fix it ?

    1. He's one of several who say they can. Negotiations are underway.

  2. He's also got a very professional looking website, hasn't he?
    It's a sad fact of modern writing life that even if you're lucky enough to find a publisher for your work you are expected to take an active part in the marketing. And if you self-publish, it's essential! (I must get some business cards printed ...)
    Hope you get the leak fixed soon.