Wednesday, 6 November 2013

We need more power, Captain!

On Monday evening we had a series of mini power cuts lasting about 10 minutes each. It's at times like this you wish you'd listened to the advice to keep a torch where you can find it in the dark. However, thanks to the flashlight function on my phone I was able to fumble about and find some tea lights and a box of matches.

Somewhat ironically, the only glimmer of light in the whole house came from the ridiculous gizmo British Gas has given me to monitor my power usage. It turns out that the more things I have switched on, the more it costs me. Well, thanks, chaps, I'd never have thought of that! This gadget has a battery backup, which revealed the reassuring fact that I was using no electricity as I sat in the chilly gloom.


  1. .... and 24 degrees in your house, glad I'm not paying your gas bill.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that. Odd. The house thermostat is set well below this. The little gadget is on the freezer under the stairs - maybe it's a hot spot?

  2. Hope you're back to full power now, Julia. And congratulations on the FMN article!