Sunday, 5 April 2015

A tale of honesty

Our friend had told me that she was sending Clive a gift voucher inside his birthday card. Unfortunately, when I picked it up off the doormat, the envelope was open and there was no sign of the voucher.
I rang my friend to tell her so that she could go back to WHSmith where she'd bought it and cancel the card and possibly get her money back. In the meantime, I went to my local sorting office to investigate. I was quite prepared to give Royal Mail the benefit of the doubt - perhaps the voucher had fallen into the postie's bag - but must admit confidence wasn't high. Sure enough, there was no sign of it. I intercepted the next day's delivery and asked the postman himself; he confirmed that he hadn't seen it but that he'd have another look in his bag.

I was astonished to receive a text yesterday from my friend to say that she'd been to Smiths and been told that not only had a postman found the voucher, but also he had taken the trouble to return it, unused, to the shop where it had been bought. How amazing is that?


  1. I love hearing that kind of story, Julia - restores our faith in human nature!

  2. That was a very nice thing to do.

  3. Rosemary and Dixie, I really couldn't believe it. I've written to Royal Mail to tell them.