Monday, 20 April 2015

Downs and ups

The weekend didn't start well. I burnt the dinner and had to bring out the emergency Cornish pasties. My family know me well enough to stand back until my prickles are lying flat again, and in due course the rest of the evening was spent in convivial conversation.

At last! A leek seedling appears
Saturday was much better. I spent the whole day with my choir buddies at a workshop led by Bob Chilcott. If you know who he is, I hope you are suitably envious. (He is a composer and conductor, currently working on an album with Katie Melua, and knows anyone who is anyone in the music business.) It was a wonderful day: one of those you know you are enjoying at the time. Then to round things off, in the evening I went to the Potbelly Folk Festival at the Arts Centre. More music, more friends.

Sunday start promisingly enough. The weather was bright and breezy, and I was still smiling from Saturday. I had a plan to spend the whole day in the garden, potting on, sowing more seeds, shifting a few things around, etc, etc. I'll spare you the details; suffice to say my plans were thwarted. I retired for a sulk. The day was salvaged (just) by reruns of The Big Bang Theory and a packet of shortbread. 


  1. What a great weekend, Julia. Glad you had those Cornish pasties on standby! Envious of your choir.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Rosemary.

  2. My choir did a work shop with him too!