Tuesday 3 May 2016

Alfie Dog frustration

On Sunday, I checked the Alfie Dog website and read that it was opening for submissions again that very day, so I spent some considerable time putting together a package of three stories for their consideration. Well, I've just had an email from the inappropriately named MD Rosemary Kind:

"It is with regret that I need to inform you we have closed to submissions. I apologise for the wasted effort you have put in to submitting and wish you well with your writing."
Lordy, that's annoying - almost as annoying as the steaming heap of dog mess that has been deposited by my front gate. I know it's not the animal's fault, it's the owner's; but that makes two piles of poo from dogs today!


  1. Ah yes, very annoying. I can understand your frustration (and how disgusting about the poo!). Can you send them somewhere else? (she said, stating the obvious...!)

    1. A follow-up email told me they had spent the weekend making difficult decisions, which I fears bodes ill for anyone who already has stories on the website. But yes, I can do something else with mine.

  2. Dog poo on pavements is bad enough, but even worse when it's on your doorstep. Hope you can publish elsewhere.

  3. This is a big pet hate of mine - people not clearing up after their dogs! It's just rude and horrible.
    Hope you can find somewhere else for the stories xx

  4. Hope you find another home for your stories, Julia - very annoying to get your hopes up like that. What a disgusting thing to leave at your gate.

  5. The poo has gone! Either someone has seen my angry rant here or on FB and thought better of it or the council pavement sweeper has been along.

  6. As a dog owner, I think it's inexcusable not to clean up after your pet. Glad it's sorted now.