Thursday, 12 May 2016

Happy Limerick Day!

Have these on me, written for various competitions:


 Fame is a double-edged sword          
As stars find as they venture abroad.
For a wink and a nod
Shows a wannabe god
As a grasping and talentless fraud.

Sweet Seduction

With Galaxy, Mars and Starburst
We humans were gently coerced.
They came down from above
To make alien love
But fed us with Milky Way first.

Picture Perfect

Whatever you put in your case
When travelling from place to place,
Pack your camera, take stills
As you tramps o’er the hills;
Of your presence, please, don’t leave a trace.

A book that is pure electronic
Though some people find it a tonic, 
Is no match for paper.
Curse this e-printing caper!
It really is purely demonic!

Words’ Worth

Literature’s hard to define,
But it must have some class in each line.
So while Amis and Austen
Write books to get lost in,
There’s plenty I’ll have to decline.

Spoilt for Choice
The question is not what is worst,
But which deadly sin to try first. 
It's so hard to decide
Between Lust Greed and Pride
When in Sloth I'm already well versed. 



  1. Great, love them but the naughty one at the end is my favourite.

  2. Thanks, Maggie. Limericks are supposed to be a bit cheeky.

  3. Love these - and I know they're hard to write. Your rhyme and meter are so good! The Milky Way one made me laugh, and I loved the sloth one the most. They're all awesome. Have a great weekend!

  4. Particularly loved the Words' Worth one.

  5. Great selection - I like Sweet Seduction and the final two best!

  6. Thanks, ladies for your kind comments.