Tuesday 2 January 2018

Catching up

You know what they say about the best-laid plans... I definitely hadn't planned on being ill all over Christmas. I had things to do and stuff to share!  I was gong to tell you all that:
  • My first reading of Nine Lives went well
  • The publisher's reader liked the outline of my yoga book and it looks as though this will be going ahead
  • My article on glaucoma is/was in the December issue of Om Yoga & Lifestyle
  • My runner-up entry in the Senior Travel Expert competition is now available to read here
I just never got round to it. However, I've had a couple of weeks of  complete rest and now I'm back at work and ready to face the New Year - just as soon as I've caught up with everything from last year, that is.


  1. Pleased to hear you're all better now. Llandudno sounds my sort of place; I might get called "young man" in the B&B !

    1. Thanks for taking the trouble to read my article, Tim. Llandudno is lovely - definintely worth a trip.

  2. Sorry you were ill, but glad you're feeling better.